Hey, Puddin’!

A pastry shop devoted completely to pudding? Sounds great to me. These are American puddings, mind you — “custards” to those of you at other points in the Anglosphere. It’s located — where else — in the Village in New York City. Before you say to yourself oh, that’ll never work, I’ll say that I never thought Peanut Butter & Co. would last six months when it opened (the missus and I used to spend a lot of time in New York). But flash forward twelve or so years and it’s going stronger than ever. Puddin’ opens today, and let me tell you friends, I could sure use some for my poor throat. Clio, any chance I can place an emergency order?

6 thoughts on “Hey, Puddin’!”

  1. the offerings sound very very delicious. But, in this economic climate I am very nervous for the owner.

    1. I agree that running shops like this *is* tough, especially, as you say, with the economy as it is nowadays. But I wish them all the best!

  2. I hope it’s better than the Tiramisu place (also in the W. Village). If it warms up a bit over the weekend I’ll check it out.

  3. I should have said “which is in the W. Village” because the pudding place is in the East Village – just looked. After several decades in Manhattan, I think the convention is “the village” = West Village whereas people always specify East Village.

    1. The real question is: do punks like pudding? Because I remember St. Marks as being a punk rocker paradise.

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