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Isn’t World Famous Kentucky Horse Race Whose Name Rhymes with “Herbie” Pie just a gussied up pecan pie with chocolate chips and whiskey added? You could say that. For some, panettone is just brioche with candied fruit added. It’s true that at its heart World Famous Kentucky Horse Race Whose Name Rhymes with “Herbie” Pie is the same sort of corn syrup custard, just with more and different types of flavorings, i.e. walnuts instead of pecans, chocolate chips and bourbon. But while the texture is certainly reminiscent of a pecan pie, the presentation and flavor is quite a bit different. I’d suggest giving it a try before you dismiss it as just some knock-off of a classic. You’ll probably be surprised at how much you like it.

5 thoughts on “Hang on…”

  1. Ouch! You talkin to me? Now, Joe, I’m not dismissing it, I was just surprised that there was such a fuss made of the name of that pie by the originators of it. I see “Derby Pie” recipes all over the internet with no history or attribution given at all. I’ve also seen it called many other names and, I’m sorry, but it just reads like pecan (or walnut, black walnut, maple walnut..and so on) pie with chocolate chips. I’m sure it’s a very good pie and I’ve examined every picture of it, just as I’ve examined every picture of traditional pecan pie, that’s featured with a recipe trying to see if the ingredients and method produced the smooth custard that is so elusive to me. You are the pastry guru here…surely YOU have an answer. Funny, now that I think about it, most pictures I’ve seen of smooth, non curdled fillings are not photographs, but are artist renderings in advertisments; even the one on the Karo bottle! Maybe smooth transluscent custard doesn’t exist (except for lemon) And so….Why does lemon pie filling make up smooth but not the filling for pecan pie or “Herbie” Pie. Don’t deflect.

    1. I don’t know who those communists are…but yes, it’s been known to happen!

      – Joe

  2. Oh Joe! Derby, Herbie, Schmerbie if you must, I just want pie! Why do friends bring their allergies when they come to visit? This pie will be made as soon as Ms. Walnut Allergy goes home! And to Susan, I find using not too much butter and a tablespoon of flour into very well beaten eggs keeps my filling from curdling. Also, don’t preheat your oven, so things come to temp gradually. Best of luck and keep trying, Derby Pie is sinfully delicious!!

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