Gear Inessentials: Baking

The world of forms is a wide one. Here’s a small selection of specialties. They’re the sorts of forms you might use only once in a while, but when you want ’em you want ’em. A pudding mold (upper right) is key if you’re British, of course. Tube pans of various kinds are important for angel food or bundt-type cakes (tube pans are a world unto themselves, actually). Brioche pans are more for look than function, and as for the charlotte pan, I just happen to love charlottes, is all. I also use that thing for soufflés when I’m feeling pretentious (often).

The thing to remember about specialty forms is that they take up a lot of space and you only use them once in a blue moon, so think about where you’ll store them outside of the kitchen. I have an industrial rack in my basement full of these kinds of things. What’s my excuse for owning all this crazy stuff? Why, you are of course. I talk about you probably once a week in my house. Honey, I’m a pastry blogger. The readers expect it and it doesn’t cost much. You may never comment, you may only rarely read, I may never get the chance to learn your name, but you provide a pretext to keep my form addiction going, and for that I thank you — deeply and from my heart. Have a great weekend!

17 thoughts on “Gear Inessentials: Baking”

  1. Hmmm. Maybe I should start a baking blog. It would be fun to try a brioche… must get a mold or two first… hmm…

  2. Hey Joe! Great rundown on essentials and lovely extras. Now all you’ve got to do is put all that stuff away again. ::ugh!::

    In case you’re too busy being adored to post tomorrow, HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY! Bet you’ve got kids who know how to whip up something to warm your heart and tickle your tummy.

    Enjoy and thanks as always. ;>

    1. Ha! Thanks Rainey! I had a very low-key day, punctuated with some lovely homemade cards. A perfect father’s day, in other words!

      – Joe

  3. I made that excuse this week when I bought a pound of guavas (because I could smell them from all the way over in the apple display and few things smell as delightful as a guava)–But sweetheart, I have a blog! I have to buy exciting fruits you don’t trust and fret over whether to poach them in rosewater or make them into bars. As for pans, my kitchen is small enough that we have to store the teapot on the stove, permanently. I still wish I had a springform pan every single time I make a cheesecake, but something else will have to go before that can happen!

    1. Hehe…thanks KC! I’ve lived in apartments like that, and I totally get it. Any room out not he fire escape? 😉

      – J

  4. OK, I’ve been reading your blog for a long while and have never commented…until today. There’s just something about opening a cabinet, drawers, or pantry shelf and seeing all those gleaming pans, rings, tartlet molds waiting there at the ready. Please do post a picture of your basement stash!

    1. Oh, it’s a dungeon down there…but maybe later I’ll add a quick shot to the bottom of the post.

      – Joe

    2. OK, Linda, revisit the post. I took a picture of the most crowded portion of the basement stash. What I do, I do for you! 😉

      – Joe

        1. If you happen to have an extra dozen copper canele molds collecting dust…I have a little spot on my shelf that needs to be filled:)

          1. Oh wow, would I ever love some of those. I have exactly…one. But I stink at caneles!

            It’s why I haven’t put them up on the blog yet. All mine turn out hollow on the inside.


            – Joe

  5. I just bought myself a hardtack rolling pin – talk about single use item. But you know, it’s wooden, looks cool, and how can I make proper crispbread without one? But I think I can maybe use it as a monster docker too. I’ll see when it arrives.

  6. my name is theodore. i just started reading your blog. i look forward to learning from you 🙂


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