Foodism Gone Mad?

“The Great Googa Mooga” is going to hit Prospect Part in Brooklyn this weekend, a sort of Lollapalooza of food with music attached. You know “food-tainment” is pushing the boundaries of, well, taste when star chefs, pricey appetizers, wine and hog butchery can draw crowds on a rock n’ roll scale. Livy, the Roman historian, famously remarked that the glorification of chefs was a sign of a culture in decline. I hope that was one of his throwaway lines, otherwise I’m deeply concerned with the plight of Western civilization. Thanks to reader Catherine for the hat tip!

12 thoughts on “Foodism Gone Mad?”

    1. Thank reader Catherine…she’s the one who sent me the link to the NYT article. I think it was in yesterday’s food section.

      – Joe

      1. Oh Lord, me too. I’d just as soon go get a Nathan’s and call it a day.

        – Joe

    1. Oh, my. I had no idea there was a whole festival for 9th Ave. We stumbled on 9th during our last visit to NYC and ended up taking many meals there by just randomly picking a cuisine and eating at the first place that served it. Not only did we never have a bad meal we had some of the best food of our lives there.

      We so want to go back!

      1. That’s New York for you. The very cheapest food is usually some of the best. The best, well, that’s the best too. But when Mrs. Pastry and I lived there we learned to never spend in the middle. Fifty bucks generally buys you a pretty mediocre meal. Five will make you just as happy…and a hundred will probably buy you one of the best meals you ever ate.

        Thanks for the note, Frank!

        – Joe

  1. I’m pretty sure they have corn dogs. And funnel cakes. (The festival is not quite what it used to be, but what is?) It is still a big thing for the neighborhood shops and restaurants.

    Nathan’s is great, but 9th Ave. is my back yard. Come on by!

  2. Except that looks like every other “food festival” they have on some Avenue for the next 3 months in the city. The same vendors (the zeppole guy, the sausage guy, the corn guy etcc…) serving the same junk food.

    Whereas the festival in Prospect Park looks like an actual festival with interesting food and guests.

    1. Yes, that’s certainly true. I shouldn’t knock it before I’ve tried it. Still I do love those Italian sausage sandwiches…;)

      – Joe

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