Does all this mean..

…you can’t make clotted cream with mass market cream? Reader Jools, I think it does. I have yet to try that, but it’s my belief that the stabilizing molecules in mass-market cream will prevent the dairy fat globules it contains from clumping up together in quite the same way. My belief is that you’ll get a much thicker — maybe even somewhat spreadable — cream, but not one that’s as clumpy as clotted cream. Un-homogenized, but especially un-stabilized heavy cream is really what you need.

2 thoughts on “Does all this mean..”

  1. Actually you end up with a thinner clotted cream. I made a batch about a month ago and it was good, but somewhat disappointing relative to the real thing. You definitely want fresh unprocessed cream, but the stuff I made was better than anything I’ve gotten out of the imported bottles.

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