Brown Sugar (Dark)

“Dark” brown sugars are similar to light brown sugars in that they are refinery sugars, almost always produced by “painting”, i.e. the application of a very dark molasses. Dark brown sugar can contain as little as 85% sucrose. Up to 5% of it can be plant matter and long-chain sugars, and up to 2% various minerals and salts (the rest being water, glucose and fructose). That being the case, it has a similar flavor profile as light brown sugar, except that those flavors are stronger and are supplemented by bitter and even licorice notes. Its higher acetic acid content can make is almost tangy and/or vinegar-y tasting.

2 thoughts on “Brown Sugar (Dark)”

  1. Mr Pastry,

    I love making my own brown sugar. I highly recommend it. It’s one of those “yeah, I make that.” Considering you use good molasses, it tastes much better than store bought. I add one tablespoon (T) of molasses to one cup sugar for light, and two T for dark. Use a food processor, or do it by hand. I prefer by hand: less cleaning.

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