Bleary and Bewildered

Let me apologize for the lack of posting today. I was hoping to get something going when I got up, but having been on the road six hours a day for the last three days I’m whipped. I always have odd dreams when I’m this exhausted. Last night I dreamt that I had a time machine and traveled 1000 years into the future.

There I found a society that was much like our own, save for the way they spoke about their calendars. Evidently the citizens of this society had become so spooked by millennial anxiety in the run up to the year 3,000 that their government stopped counting years numerically (2910, 2911) and gave them names instead.

Only the names made no sense, they were based on random objects and odd turns of phrase: “Two Thousand and Road Salt” or “Two Thousand and Makin’ Bank.” To be a history teacher in this time was to be a purveyor of surreal nonsense.

I tend not to like these glimpses into my subconscious as they remind me of what a weirdo I am. I can’t wait until I’m caught up on sleep.

9 thoughts on “Bleary and Bewildered”

    1. Yeah, uh huh. See what I mean? The last thing I need is to be reminded of the obvious.

  1. You been sniffing the baking soda again Joe?

    Do you want to be reminded of what happened last time?

    Nothing strange about your dreams, mine tend to involve Ursula Andress, a hot tub filled with lime jello, and several inflatable animals.

    But in the mean time, here’s a question for you.

    I use a lot of Elizabeth Davids bread recipes, well, the ones in her book, mostly old bread making styles before the Chormley process.

    Mostly low yeast, long fermentation and rising times, 1/4 teaspoon yeast to 2lb flour, 2 + 1/2 teaspoons salt and 12 – 24 hour proving.

    I’ve found when the weather turns as it does here, from a high pressure system, to a low pressure system, I have to increase the yeast, extend the proving time or else accept a sour dough type bread.

    I’m sure you can come up with a profound and well researched answer? I’m picking the same reason as increasing the boiling point of water at higher altitudes?

    1. I certainly hope to come up with a profound answer, Warrren! But I have to say I can never keep track of you. Where are you on the globe these days?

      Also, does the humidity vary with the onset of those systems? I have a funny feeling it may…

      – Joe

  2. Joe, did you already mention how you are a finalist for Saveur’s 2012 Best Baking Blog and I just missed it? In any case, congratulations!

    1. Thanks Erica! You reminded me that I need to mention it! I’ve been remiss in that department. Oh, scatterbrained me…

      – Joe

  3. Not a bad idea!

    James Reston Jr. wrote a fascinating book called The Last Apocalypse. In it he chronicles how Christianity spread at the turn of the first millennium — often by force and almost always accompanied by great turmoil and loss of traditional religions and cultures. It was, basically, a hysteria about the number 1000 that lasted for the next quarter century.

    You might like it. And I bet he’s like your alternative. ;>

    1. Hey Rainey! I’ll check that out. Maybe those last couple of posts I put up are somehow related…never thought of that!

      – Joe

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