Are you a recipe creator?

Months later, I’m still buzzing a bit from our family trip to North Carolina and the Asheville area. So when an Asheville culinary institution, The Tupelo Honey Cafe, asked me to help them promote their recipe contest, I couldn’t say no. This year they’re accepting entries in the categories of sides, desserts and leftovers (love that). If you have an inspiration, send it on in. You could win a cookbook or a $200 gift certificate.

4 thoughts on “Are you a recipe creator?”

  1. My fiance and I were debating what they mean by leftovers. Food made from leftovers, or food that tastes best as leftovers? I tried looking around the site and didn’t find an answer; any thoughts?

    1. My guess is that it’s food made from leftovers…i.e. innovative uses for leftovers. Sounds like fun to me. I want to read the entrants!

      Thanks Faith!

      – Joe

  2. Native North Carolinian here! I love that area of NC. It’s changed a lot since I used to go there but I have heard great things about that eatery and want to visit next time I am in the area. Sounds like a great idea and place to promote! Can’t say I do much recipe creating, maybe some occasional restructuring for my own taste, notions. Can’t wait to hear about the winner!

    1. We Pastrys have come to love the North Carolina mountains. Lake Lure was the most beautiful lake I’ve ever fished. Wish I could do it every weekend!

      Thanks Linda!

      – Joe

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