Anyone else miss the Olympics?

I sure do. I barely knew what to do with myself last night. Though I must say that I got a little frustrated with the endless coverage of the diving, gymnastics and beach volleyball at the expense of real events like the shot put, javelin, hammer throw and weightlifting. NBC’s greatest crime was to almost totally ignore the decathlon in prime time…the pinnacle event of summer Olympic competition. And here comes Ashton Eaton as he completes the 1500 meters to become the greatest athlete in the world…(yawn)…next up an extended interview with the Belgian water polo team…

Where, I ask you, are our priorities?

9 thoughts on “Anyone else miss the Olympics?”

  1. For me one of the highlights was when the 2 US women finally won their 3rd gold medal in beach volleyball – because it meant that NBC would finally stop spending hours of primetime coverage on it. Honestly, the online content was vastly superior to NBC’s programming.

  2. I should have spent more time watching online, no question. Four years from now we’ll probably be able to have it streamed straight to our frontal lobes, forever obviating the need for Bob Costas. Oh, that day can’t come soon enough.

    Thanks Ron!

    – Joe

  3. I notice you not mentioning all the sailing gold medals the US won… Oh! Australia won those :p

    well, that’s about all we won, so we’ll claim sailing as our national sport for the first time since we won the America’s Cup back in the 80’s 😀

    Congrats on being top of the table, about time the US won *something* 😉

    1. I thought that bag felt a little light when we left London. I think we usually tip the bellman with the sailing medals when we leave the hotel. Ah well.

      As for Mr. Lexcen and his cheeky keel design, I still count that as a cheat!

      – Joe

  4. Glad to know I am not the only one in Olympics withdrawal, or annoyed at the (lack) of decathalon coverage. You would have thought that the two Americans were the only competitors.

    I did have the luxury of being to watch during the day (and DVRing some of the overnight coverage) which gave a little more love to sports lacking women in bikinis.

    1. So they have those too, do they? What a weird thought: sports where women DON’T wear bikinis. Well, it’s novel, I’ll give you that. But I’d be up for giving it a try.

      – Joe

  5. I was extremely annoyed that, often, all the NBC coverage showed was US athletes… I’m sorry, I don’t want to JUST watch the US team… I want to watch the whole event, with all the competitors! I couldn’t get the online site working for me, either, which was frustrating. With all the cable and satellite stations out there, you would have thought that we could have watched it all live on TV and not had to go to the computer.

  6. on canadian tv, we had good decathlon coverage – one of our guys was an unexpected contender. great story.

    and the 4×100! oh the heartache. a kid sent the team his timbit soccer (little league) medal so they would feel like the winners they are to us. so cute.

    mostly for canada though we called the olympics this year our bronze age. ha ha!

    1. Love that, Mare! Especially the story about the soccer medal. There were a lot of great stories in the Olympics this year, or at least I thought so. Maybe part of the reason why it was the most viewed even in television history. Anyway, I’m still missing it all. I guess I’ll have to look ahead to the winter games, though I never enjoy them as much as the summer ones. Sigh…

      – Joe

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