Alrighty then…

The logic of making this bombe Derby-themed is simply too compelling, so that’s how I’m going to go. However if it’s any consolation I now have bombe ideas to last me ’till doomsday (assuming that doesn’t occur this December as the New Agers atop Pic de Bugarach predict). So here’s what I’m thinking: 1.) a flourless bourbon-infused cake base, 2.) a filling of chocolate mousse, 3.) a “surprise” center of white chocolate mint mousse, 4.) a dark chocolate mirror glaze coating. Sounds fun! I’ll start putting up recipes in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Alrighty then…”

    1. SHHHHH!!!!

      Even THINKING the name of that pie can lead to litigation!

      Forget I ever wrote this. Blue? Blue who?

      – J

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