A Little Housekeeping

We made a couple of technical adjustments over the weekend here at Joe Pastry World Headquarters. Nothing most of you will notice, save for the fact that we fixed a little bug that’s kept you folks on mobile devices from accessing the site. I still don’t have a mobile-specific site up (what do you think, I’m made of money?), but those of you who want pastry updates regardless of your location can now see me on your smart phones.

2 thoughts on “A Little Housekeeping”

  1. Yes! I’ve been longing to get to the site on my phone while out grocery shopping for those last minute “oooh, I should make ___ this weekend, what are the ingredients again?” moments.

    1. Yes, I’m sorry it’s been so inconvenient. I didn’t even know about the problem until someone (you?) told me about it a month or so ago.

      – Joe

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