You Won’t Believe This

The Pastry clan went to a big Epiphany party Saturday night, the official observance of the feast day at one of the two parishes we participate in (one’s a bit closer to our home, the other to our hearts). Since the church has a sizable hispanic population, I fully expected to find some king cakes there, and sure enough I wasn’t disappointed. There were several, both a rosca de reyes

…and three of the much bigger roscones de reyes:

Of course none of the Pastrys could resist a piece, so we all dug deeply. You’ll never guess what I found — no joke — in mine:

In case you’re wondering, no, it didn’t make me king for a day. Rather, in the New World style, it comes with considerable obligations for the Presentation party on the second. Assuming I turn this in this week (which I’m having serious reservations about) I’m on the hook for a whole lot of tamales. Is this luck or divine justice?

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