Um…mock asparagus?

Several of you wrote in to ask about that detail of the George Washington Carver Post below. I’ll admit I added that in just because it sounded weird. Carver created all sorts of imitation meats out of peanut protein, his own peanut-based version of seitan. I presume he make the imitation asparagus with the same stuff, though I’m not completely sure. As to why he might have thought there was a demand for mock asparagus, one can only speculate

2 thoughts on “Um…mock asparagus?”

  1. I dug around and found recipes that use spring onions or other green vegetables covered in hollindaise sauce, and another that’s basically asparagus shaped gnocchi. I suppose if you can’t afford real asparagus but you want to impress your guests then the mock variety will have to do.

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