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I’ll be putting up a few filling recipes tomorrow, specifically for kolaches. This got me thinking: I get regular requests for filling recipes…apple, cheese, poppyseed, etc.. Should I create a catch-all category for fillings under the Pastry Components menu? Something that would contain an exhaustive list of fillings for Danishes, blintzes, kolaches and cakes? Many of those recipes are identical from one pastry to the next. The same cream cheese filling, for example, can be used in kolaches, coffee cakes and Danishes. Would it be useful if all my various filling recipes were collected under a single heading? I dunno, you guys use the blog. Tell me what you think!

UPDATE: Well, the verdict seems to be in. I’ll start it today, but I’ll warn you that the category may take some time to complete, so please be patient with me! – Joe

8 thoughts on “The Filling Files”

  1. Good idea Joe! Maybe you can split everything into say three
    catagories. Fillings that have to be baked into the pastry, such
    as cream cheese, poppy, and fruit. Fillings that need cooking
    and then assembled into something such as pastry cream,
    bavarian cream, and lemon curd. Fillings that need no cooking
    such as whipped cream, home made nutella, and anything
    else you can think of. Within each catagory alphabetizing each
    item would further refine our search. Many of your items fit
    into one of these catagories. just a thought, hope it helps.

    1. Wow, Ben. You made me realize how many things under the Components menu could count as a “filling.” Thanks for the good mental effort — this is going to be a bigger project than I thought!

      – J

  2. Please do put up a file for fillings, it would be so much easier to find, knowing the file is there.

  3. Hi Joe, I’m all for that, being as I usually spend a fair bit of time looking through the back files, knowing that the recipe I remember is here somewhere, if only I could recall what it was called 🙂

    Hope you have the firewood cut by now. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the brick oven beast in the yard in action.

    1. Hey Warren! I did get that he limb cut up and stowed in the wood shed, thanks. I have enough for at least a year…more if you count the piles of stick and logs my neighbors are saving for me. But Lord, I’m beat. Managing wood is lots of work!

      – J

  4. yes please, a subheading under pastry components for fillings would be very useful, thanks

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