Rain, rain, go away…

The operative word here in the Midwest has been rain. Storm clouds have frustrated my attempts at photography and moistened our basement, but if that’s all they do to us we’ll be lucky. The mighty Ohio is starting to creep inland. Flood wall closures are being shut and dams are being eyed suspiciously as the wet stuff keeps falling in sheets. Our neighborhood here in Louisville is called the Highlands, and as I explain to my young daughters, it’s because it sits on high lands. That means we’ll only be inconvenienced by the storms. But right now there are a lot of families who are are discovering what nature can do despite the best efforts of civil engineers. Say a prayer for them over the course of your busy day if you can.

3 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away…”

  1. We’re getting inundated where I live. The combination of saturated grounds and high winds has resulted in several big trees down. No tornadoes in my town thank heavens, but there’s a lot of flooding.

    1. I just went over to Jeffersonville, across the river. There’s so much hydrostatic pressure in the ground that water is spurting out of peoples’ lawns in little streams. I’ve never seen the like. Thanks for the email, Ellen!

  2. I’ve lived in hurricane prone areas for most of my life. Nothing like mother nature reminding us all just how powerful she really is.

    My thoughts are with everyone in your area.

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