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Something else that’s notable about Simmons’ book, at least for those of us who bake, is that it is the first to document the use of chemical leavening…a very American technique that was originally pioneered by native peoples.

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  1. “…that was originally pioneered by native peoples.”

    Where might one find some more to read on this subject?

    1. Hello Wally!

      There’s plenty to read on the subject right here on Joe Pastry. In March of this year I did a huge amount of blogging on the evolution of chemical leavening. Using the archive drop-down to the left, go back to 3/16/11 and start reading! You can also do a search for “potash” which will turn up some posts.

      In essence, chemical leavening evolved from the native American practice of “lightening” grain cakes with wood ashes.

      – Joe

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