Next up: Mince Pies

I promised mincemeat…but other than eating it by the spoonful — which I’m not averse to — what do you do with it? Make a mince pie, that’s what. I haven’t eaten one of these since I lived in Britain, lo these many years ago. But even that pie was of the modern, meatless variety. This year we’re going set the Wayback Machine to 1896, to the time when men were men and mincemeat had real meat in it. Time to dust off my copy of Fannie Farmer and find a local source of suet!

5 thoughts on “Next up: Mince Pies”

  1. OK, it’s made with butter not suet, but I’m sure you could substitute…this, this my friend is the most to DIE for (non-taditional) fruit mince ever.
    Warning, do NOT taste this straight from the jar or you will be making another batch.

    Vanilla Fruit Mince (makes 24 mini/12 regular mince pies)
    INGREDIENTS½ cup sugar
    1 soft vanilla pod, diced
    200 grams dried nectarines, chopped
    200 grams tropical fruit mix
    100 grams butter, chilled and diced
    ¼ cup vanilla vodka or Galliano

    When I make these I also put a thin slice of almond paste (proper stuff not the tasteless flavoured stuff) in the bottom of the pies.

  2. My father used to talk about the “real” mincemeat made with venison that he remembered from his childhood.

    I must say I have never been tempted to make it. I wouldn’t even eat the modern fruit mincemeat. But I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see you explore it.

    1. Interesting. Venison mincemeat was once common here in the States. Some people – especially hunters – still make it.

      – Joe

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