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Here’s something kinda cool from SonRidge: an anti-microbial pastry bag. It was especially handy for me this week since I was piping an unbaked frangipane, and that means raw egg (which, at least in the US, can carry certain health risks).

What properties does the bag have that make it anti-microbial? Silver ions, which…well they…honestly I have no idea what they do. However being a rather uptight personality, I frequently think about the types of things I put in my pastry bags, wonder how well I’ve washed them and whether or not they might be growing microbes. Those silver ions certainly aren’t a substitute for thorough washing, but they have been giving me a little more peace of mind.

These bags are dishwasher safe, can stand boiling water, and come in 11 sizes. And yes, the SonRidge people did ask me to review one for them. In fact they sent me the one in the picture here for free as an incentive. But I wouldn’t say I liked it if I didn’t. I’m not easily swayed by a few dollars worth of free swag. Well, not THAT easily swayed…

2 thoughts on “More Groovy Gear”

  1. I know from my college microbiology class that heavy metals (like silver) kill microbes the same way that they kill cells in humans. The metals mess up cell functions, and in a single-cell organism, that usually means death.

    1. Well done, Catherine, thank you. Now if only I could find more of them!


      – Joe

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