Merry Christmas!

That’ll do it for Joe Pastry for 2011. Thank you everyone for another highly productive, and frequently hilarious, year. Thanks for following along and — in many cases — contributing. Let’s do it again in2012!

15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. We’ve just gotten to know you in 2011. Thanks so much for all your good information and motivation. We look forward to 2012!!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! And merry Christmas to everyone in your house!


      – J

  2. Merry Christmas Joe, and a Happy New Year!
    Many thanks for your fabulous blogs, and looking forward to many more to come:)

    1. Thanks, Mrs. W, for checking in so regularly. I’m looking forward to more conversations in the coming year!

      Cheers and merry Christmas,

      – Joe

  3. Here’s wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas, Joe! Thanks for perpetual stream of deliciousness and laughs! 🙂

    1. Ann, where would I be without your excellent insights waiting for me in my mail box? Thanks so much for everything and a merry Christmas to you!

      – Joe

  4. Merry Christmas to you too, Joe. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog immensely this year and look forward to more in 2012. Thanks for sharing what you know, making me laugh, think and try some new things.

    1. Thank you, Ellen, for all your commentary and companionship. See you in 2012!

      – Joe

  5. Congratulations on another year of blogging Joe.

    Thank you for the fun I’ve had following your exploits, the wood fired Beast in the yard, the recipes, the easy to follow (well, in most cases) descriptions, hearing about your two little Pastries that seem to drive you on to greater heights and creations.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you, your gracious Lady, and your two delightful daughters

    1. Very well spoken, Warren. Thanks to you for your friendship and encouragement. Hoping you’ll make it to Louisville in 2012!


      – Joe

  6. Joe,

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! I have a photo of a the yule log I made last week to send to you. It was all new to me and possible only through your great photos and recipes.

    I’m so happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading more. So…. no more posts for a week??? Awww

    1. Great! It’s been terrific having you on the team these last few months, Connie! There’s much more to come next year. Sorry to be a slacker for the next week, but we’ll all be up in Chicago with family. If I have the time and inclination to post, I promise I will.

      Merry Christmas to all at your house!

      – Joe

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