Maple Mousse and…

Reader Mel asks:

I’m thinking of making a maple version of the Charlotte Royale sometime in the next few weeks. I have a solid maple mousse recipe, but I’m at a loss as to what to sub for the apricot jam for the “Royale roulade.” Do you think a maple buttercream would be too rich? Maybe some sort of walnut butter? I’m racking my brain for something that would be light enough and still have color contrast to show off the spirals…any suggestions?

In fact I have several suggestions! My feeling is that you should stick with a jam of some sort since you won’t want a buttercream clouding your glaze. Also a jam is a nice counterpoint to a Bavarian cream. Apricot is a fine complement to maple, believe it or not, as are other fruit flavors. Orange marries nicely, but also raspberry and strawberry, which would give your roulade sections the more dramatic look you’re after. For something unconventional, a dark chocolate ganache would be a great flavor match and would pose a stark visual contrast. But that’s just me. Other suggestions, anyone?

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  1. What about apple jelly? I’ve never seen apple jam but the jelly might work. Apple butter might not have the right consistency.

    Good luck.


    1. Apple and maple are certainly an excellent combo. Apple butter sure is an interesting idea…

  2. I like blueberries with maple. Also cinnamon is very complementary to maple. If you did half of your roulade with blueberry jam and half with raspberry or strawberry jam, you could create a red, white and blue Charlotte Royale just in time for July 4th. 🙂

    1. Nice! I was thinking about cinnamon, but couldn’t think of an especially easy way to incorporate it. Cinnamon sugar might work out alright, however. That would yield a sort of cinnamon bun Charlotte!

  3. What about a sweetened nut paste of some sort? Like almond paste, but with pistachios or toasted walnuts for more colour and a stronger flavour. Walnut and maple are such a great pair.

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