Making Cinnamon Sugar

This is another component that’s frequently called for, but is so easy to make that you don’t see a recipe for it very often. Handy for everything from cinnamon toast to Danishes and king cake, it’s made from what it sounds like: cinnamon and sugar. One tablespoon cinnamon to half a cup of sugar, to be precise. Simply put them together in bowl…

…and stir.

That’s it. Covered, you can keep it for weeks in the pantry. Beyond that and the cinnamon will start to lose much of its punch.

10 thoughts on “Making Cinnamon Sugar”

  1. For years I’ve been buying cinnamon sugar in the little masterfoods jars. I’ve just made my own, yum! (Alot gets eaten in our house). Any chance of a vanilla sugar recipe? Those little jars are expensive!

  2. You know, I like the new layout and all, but it really annoys me to have to click the “read more” button for 27 words and a picture.
    Actually, I tell a lie, I’m not loving the new layout.

    1. I’m going to undo the excerpt feature, I think, since I’ve gotten lots of complaints. As for the layout — I’ve got too much money in it to go back now. 😉 Thanks for the email!

  3. Aya – I had to make a vanilla sugar for a coffee shop that I worked in.

    All you do is buy a vanilla bean and put it in with sugar in a tightly sealed container for a few days. The sugar will come out tasting like vanilla.

    1. Thanks Bethany! A vanilla bean that’s already been seeded also makes great vanilla sugar — and is an excellent way to re-use something you’d normally throw away!

  4. Add a tablespoon of baking cocoa along with the cinnamon and it tastes really great.

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