Making Frangipane

Frangipane is pastry cream-lightened almond cream. You simply need to stir the latter into the former and you have an excellent filling for oh, say, a Galette des Rois. Start with two cups (one recipe) of almond cream and stir in half a cup of pastry cream by the spoonful.

Once it’s all mixed in, you’re done.

Easy, right?

6 thoughts on “Making Frangipane”

    1. It depends on who you listen to, Echa! To me, almond cream + pastry cream = frangipane.


      – joe

  1. Hello Joe,

    Do you use equal parts of almond cream and pastry cream to make the frangipane? I am planning on making an apple tart with frangipane filling tomorro.

    Love your blog! It’s perfect!

    Greetings from Germany.

    1. Hello Alessandra!

      Sorry I’m late to the party here. I hope it went well! But no, the ratio as state above is about 4-1.


      – Joe

      1. Thank you!! It worked out very well. Everyone looooooved the cake. My Family keeps asking me when I will be making it again. So thank you a lot. Your page is so incredibly wonderful. I don’t think that I can express how much it helped me through my baking Progresses. I have made several pastries from your page already and today I will be attempting my second try to make Croissants. I was wondering if I could shape the Croissants and Keep them in the fridge for a day or two and then take them out in the morning to let them rise and then bake them? I would like to eat them fresh in the morning.
        Thank you Joe!

        All the best,


        1. Hey Alessandra!

          Thank you so much for the comment…I’m quite flattered and very glad these recipes have been working so well for you. To answer your questions, it is possible to shape the croissants and bake them a few days later. Make sure they go into the fridge or even the freezer (for an hour or so) to quickly stop the rising. You’ll need to proof them a little longer when you remove them from the cold, about half an hour. That should work just fine!

          Cheers and thanks again!

          – Joe

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