Light Posting This Week

Maybe nonexistent, actually. It’s little Jo’s birthday this week, friends are coming in from out of town for a basketball game and I’m going to be the best man at a wedding. And did I mention I’m also taking a two-day business trip tomorrow and Thursday? But I’m going to overdose on fun after that! See you back here on Monday.

9 thoughts on “Light Posting This Week”

  1. I am a great fan of your website and have a rather odd question. I do historic redaction cooking and am trying to figure out how the turrets (I believe this is the name) the hollow towers on pastry castles were made. You are the pastry cooking guru for the world wide web so I have to ask this…Do you have any notions or ideas to point me in the right direction for getting round pastry turrets as opposed to saggy melting sad pastry mistakes?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Sosha! I’d love to help but I’m not totally sure what you mean. Can you send me an image of what you’re trying to do?

  2. Gee, personal life getting in the way of maintaining your blog–what a concept! The trick of making stuff for the blog that the family likes (the babas, for example) works–I just did two posts on cute Valentine’s cookies I decorated for my grandkids.. But really, you are permitted to go off for business or play now and then–HAVE FUN!

    1. Thanks! I always feel guilty when day-to-day life intrudes, plus I miss it. But this will probably be the busiest week/weekend of the year. It’s funny, the girls have tasted a wide variety of pastry items the last few years — and rejected the vast majority. Kids!

  3. Hello,

    I have a problem. My friends like american food and I told them that I can cook them for them but unfortenately I can’t.
    So now I need some good recipes of americen food to impress them so please help me with books, links and tips.
    Thank you for your help.

    Best regard,


    1. Interesting problem! What sort of American foods do they say they like? Any idea?

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