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  1. Okay, that was very cool! I have so many questions now. So the baking soda changes the pH of the water and changes the shell. Will the egg still taste like an egg? Does the shell have to remain moist for this to work? What will Easter egg dye do the the equation? I feel the mad scientist coming out in me. Off to the lab with me… er uh kitchen I mean. 🙂

    1. The soda shouldn’t do much of anything to the egg itself, so you’re good there. As for the dye, you should be apply to apply it later without consequences. Just don’t try to combine the steps, since the more common egg dyes require vinegar (acid) in the solution…so you’d get neither the shell loosening nor the coloring you want. But let me know how it goes. Best of luck! – Joe

  2. Umm, we blow on the eggs and then serve them to other people to eat? How is that different from eating from a serving spoon and then putting the spoon back in the dish, or biting a carrot and then dipping it back in the dip?

    I’m fine with blowing an egg out of the shell to eat by myself, but for other people (or for anything I’m going to make and save to eat later) I’d prefer to gently roll the egg between my palms then slide a thumb under the shell and slip it off.

    1. Well said, Letitia — you’re in good company! Thanks for the note. — Joe

  3. Cool maybe, but it would require me to get my mouth way too near a hard boiled egg. I hate eggs anyway, and HB ones are especially loathsome.

  4. Yep, that was cool and interesting. However, I was put off by the blowing on the egg to dislodge it from it’s shell because it’s not sanitary–it turns a perfectly good boiled egg into a spitball.

    1. True enough. Makes for good entertainment at least (just don’t tell your health inspector).

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