5 thoughts on “I have hypnotized a chicken.”

  1. Hey Joe, whenever I see this it never ceases to
    amaze me. I saw a farmer at the Ulster county
    fair do almost the same thing. He took the bird
    into his arms, put his head under his wing, and
    few seconds later, voila out cold! I don’t know
    what I found more amazing, the fact that you
    can hypnotize a chicken, or that at one time or
    another, someone decided to try. Now if I can
    only figure out how to do it to the family!

    1. Hear hear! Actually that’s the way a college buddy (a Indiana farm boy) taught me. If you put your arms around a chicken and prevent it from making any forward motions for about ten seconds, that often does it. The chicken stands there like a statue. Incredible.

  2. So now I know how to hypnotize a chicken… but I don’t know why. Is this useful as a means of moving/slaughtering the birds? Or is it just a trick?

  3. My seven year old son does it by flipping them on their back and stroking from the throat and down the tummy. I have wondered whether it could be used as a pre-med for dispatch as I love roast chicken but as yet have been too soft-hearted to carry out the deadly deed.

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