How much chocolate is in milk chocolate?

Interesting question, reader Leeza. It depends on the manufacturer. A bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate (which I’ll confess is still my favorite milk chocolate to simply eat) is about 11% cocoa solids (their dark chocolate is 15% if you were wondering). More expensive milk chocolates can contain up to 38% cocoa solids.

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  1. What is/are your favorite chocolate/s for eating? And why?
    I am a fan of bars labeled as 60% or so, although I am often in the mood for a piece of something darker. Is that what I should be paying attention to?

    1. Hi Charm! There are a lot of great bars out her for eating. If I were to judge them solely on their flavor and texture merits, sampling bits of them out of little cups like professional tasters do, I’d probably pick Dove or Ghiradelli. However that’s not how I eat chocolate bars. I eat them greedily, in big, chomping bites. Mrs. Pastry, who nibbles at morsels of fine chocolate like a mouse who’s gone to finishing school, is utterly appalled by that. But what can I say? It’s what I do. So for my money there’s nothing like a good ol’ Hershey bar. I eat one in about seven seconds…and it’s bliss. – Joe

    2. Oh, and chocolate percentage isn’t a great way to determine whether you’ll like a bar or not since there are so many different styles out there. Sample, sample, sample is the only way to find the ones you’ll really like. But if you appreciate dark chocolate, try Dove Dark. Dove is something of a sleeper brand, but they turn out some very, very fine chocolate.

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