Christmas as a Verb

Well my pre-Christmas preparations have certainly been getting the best of my schedule. This morning I’ve been shopping, simmering stock, baking panettone and assembling a rather complex gingerbread interpretation of our house (a special request from elves 1 and 2). So it’s been a rather busy morning. I hope for better this afternoon. If not the final panettone post will go up tomorrow. Best of luck to all of you out there in holiday mode!

4 thoughts on “Christmas as a Verb”

    1. I promise I will. I didn’t make much fuss about gingerbread houses this year. I hope folks will still send in pictures…

      – Joe

  1. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Joe. Been another great year
    baking with Joe. Thanks to you and your blog, family will enjoy
    lots of baked goodies from your site. You are inspiration at it’s best.

    1. Sandra, what can I say. Your compliment is stunning. Thanks so much — and merry Christmas to you! 2012 will be another great year.


      – Joe

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