Attention Panettone Fans

Next week I’ll be doing panettone, but the old-fashioned way: using a starter. It takes longer that way, but the richer flavor and denser texture are well worth it. So my message is: feed your starters, folks — or grow one if you don’t have one yet. There are complete instructions under the Bread menu to the left. Check “Starters & Preferments.”

Yes, I know I just finished spending a lot of time on another tall, brioche-like bread. So sue me!

6 thoughts on “Attention Panettone Fans”

  1. Joe, why don’t you try to make Pandoro instead of Panettone. It is so much better. Ligher, more buttery. I just bought some a few days ago, and it’s so delicious. But making it takes several hours up to a day or so based on the recipes I have found online. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dorothy! I don’t think I’ll do the full-on Italian several-stage mixing process, nor get into the upside-down thing (though some people swear by it). I’ll try to split the difference, probably with Peter Reinhart’s recipe.

      Thanks for the email!

      – Joe

  2. Me no like bread starters :S I had to get quite combative with my last one as it started invading my refrigerator 😛

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