Arr Yoo Tee

Spells rut. Much as I loved those kolache last week, I feel like I’m in a big-time rut. I’m getting bored with so much sweet baking. I start every calendar year pledging to do more savory stuff, but always seem to get distracted with more and more sweets. So here’s my new pledge: this year I’m going to spend the dog days of summer doing nothing but savory projects. Ready?

4 thoughts on “Arr Yoo Tee”

  1. Me, I think we readers should support Joe through this mid-yeast crisis he is having, and stand by him while he gets a little savory baking out of his system. Personally, I could use a refresher course on quiches and gougères; also, now that I am not afraid of puff pastry any more, on account of Durfour’s great product, I’d love to get some ideas about how to use it for the sorts of elegant hors d’oeuvres I assume are served at all the fancy cocktail parties held at the Pastry estate. But please, Joe, don’t stay away from the pastry cream for TOO long; it will start to curdle.

    1. Thanks, Reader Lee. A victim is what I am. A victim of a prejudice that says all pastry has to be sweet in its orientation. It’s time I busted the stereotypes, broke out of others’ preconceived notions and shouted out loud: I’m here! I’m savory! Get used to it!

      Gosh that felt good.

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