So who hates carrot cake?

Let’s have a show of hands. You? You? Yeah, me too. I’ve never liked it. I think it’s because I’m old enough to remember life in the early 70’s, when carrot cakes were believed to be healthy alternatives to conventional layer cakes. I suppose if you made them the way the hippie folk of the day made them they were: with whole wheat flour, minimal (brown) sugar, lots and lots of carrots and a mostly-unsweetened cream cheese frosting. Dreadful stuff.

Choking down those mushy, mealy squares of ersatz pleasure as I did as a kid, I never in a million years would have expected that carrot cake would eventually enter into the mainstream dessert lexicon. And I think, were it not for the heroic efforts of mainstream bakers who eschewed the finger-wagging of the natural living crowd, it wouldn’t have. But it’s amazing what a little white flour, white sugar and butter will do to spruce up a mediocrity like a “healthy” carrot cake.

Oh sure, they negate a lot of the supposed nutritional benefits of a classic carrot cake, but to my mind a cake that pretends to healthiness is an abomination. Like those horrible Snackwells cookies of old. Running roughshod over the nutritional benefits of carrot cake is therefore, to me, a big part of the pleasure.

6 thoughts on “So who hates carrot cake?”

  1. I really hate it, taste so weird. I don’t like any vegetables (especially carrots) in my cake; I prefer red velvet or vanilla cake. 🙂

    1. Hey Abuk!

      It’s grown on me some I’ll admit, but it’s still not a favorite. Glad I’m not alone.

      – Joe

    2. I also hate carrot cake. It makes me feel sick to my bones. Who puts healthy vegetables in a cake? It’s like eating a steak without beef.

      1. Thanks for the support, Oscar. I mean, what sort of twisted mind came up with such a thing? I guess it takes all kinds to keep the world spinning, but somewhere there have to be limits.


        – Joe

        1. In defense of putting vegetables in cake, I have a chocolate zucchini cake recipe that’s astoundingly good – mostly because the shredded zucchini completely disintegrates in baking, leaving a delightfully moist, rich cake. Then again, I make no pretense that it’s in any way healthy – outside the zucchini, it’s all white flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate.

          1. Hey Jane!

            I do like zucchini bread I have to say, and I’ve also tried a chocolate zucchini cake of the kind you’re describing. I remember liking it quite a bit! I mostly joke about vegetables in cakes. I mean, if you’ve got them…why not?



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