Scream all you want! There’s no one around for miles!!

The emails just keep right on coming in regard to my It’s a guy thing post the other day. So many in fact that I’m going to have to give up sending personal replies to all of them. So for all you gender warriors out there who still may be working on your outlines, let me just say that I understand why my little un-PC joke from two days ago may have offended you. However you may as well give up because the odds of me taking that post down, editing it, or refraining from any such similar jokes in the future, are nil.

One of the great beauties of the blogging medium is that it’s immune from what have become the accepted politics of public discourse, where any opportunity to register outrage — in one’s own name or in the name of others — is seized upon in one giant game of “gotcha.” But homey don’t play that, as the kids like to say. What I wrote on this blog was amazingly tame stuff, and was done in good fun. That’s it.

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