Other Sources of Iodine

Reader Jacquie asks:

Is there another dietary source of iodine other than salt? I tend not to add salt to things – mostly because I don’t care for the “saltiness” and I think as a culture foods are over-salted. (In part to mask the lack of taste from being grown in soilds lacking nutrients – but that is another soapbox). Or should I really be adding iodinized salt to my cooking?

Since most everyone uses at least a little salt in their cooking, I’d suggest you make sure the salt you use is iodized. However our affluent modern culture affords us more than a few sources of dietary iodine. As I mentioned, seafood and seaweed will supply iodine, however if you eat eggs and consume dairy regularly, you’re probably getting enough (chicken feed and cattle feed are fortified with iodine these days, because farm animals need it too).

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