Next Up: Bread Pudding

I confess that as with tiramisu, I’ve experienced repeated twinges of anxiety as I’ve watched bread pudding creep up the list. That’s for good reason, for just like tiramisu, bread pudding has been done to the point of absurdity over the years. Once monuments to simplicity, today you can find bread puddings built on everything from croissants and crackers to biscuits and doughnuts. Flavor-wise there’s every fruit under the sun, plus triple chocolate, bourbon, peanut butter & jelly, goat cheese & leek, pumpkin & sage, sorrel & artichoke, white chocolate, tequila, bacon and cajun spice. There are bread pudding soufflées and bruleés.

What to do in the face of all that? Why, go back to basics of course! See you tomorrow!

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