More Gingerbread Fun

It’s coming very clear that next year I’ll need to sponsor an official gingerbread house/creation competition. I’ve had so many submissions this last week I can’t post them all, but here are a few of my favorites. First, this Tonantzin Aztec Goddess/Virgen of Guadalupe by Stella of Stellar Cakes in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It’s something of a miracle in itself:

Then there’s this trio of houses made by reader Fiona…

…and here’s what they looked like when her nieces were finished with them. That’s the way the house-shaped cookie crumbles, I guess.

And lastly, several readers sent in this picture of a gingerbread version of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Falling Water house, put together by the folks over at the Garden Melodies blog. It’s well worth all the attention it’s been getting.

For more on how it was done, click here! Thanks to everyone who’s sent pictures in this season!

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