Making Marjolaine Step 6: The Flavored Cream Fillings

So, it’s the day of your marjolaine “build” and it’s time to make your fillings. Marjolaine typically has two different cream fillings (usually pastry cream or buttercream, but I’ve also seen whipped cream versions), one flavored with nuts, nut paste or praline, and the other flavored with vanilla and a liqueur of some type. What’s below is what I like to do. I put about a cup and a half of pastry cream in a bowl and add maybe half the ground praline.

And stir.

Next I put another cup and a half of pastry cream in another bowl. To that I add about half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and maybe a tablespoon of rum.

And stir.

And now I’m ready to rock and roll.

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