Making Marjolaine Step 3: Make the Praline

Praline is what we’re going to use to flavor one of the layers of pastry cream. It’s a simple, fun and kinda silly part of the marjolaine-making process. Start by greasing a sheet pan or cookie sheet. You can use butter, oil or cooking spray like I’m doing here. (A Silpat comes in very handy here if you own one).

Mix together half a cup of your toasted almonds and hazelnuts and pour them onto the greased pan.

Now make a good, smoky caramel out of half a cup of sugar and a two or three tablespoons of water (instructions on caramel-making are under the Pastry Components menu to the right). All you really need to do is swirl your moistened sugar over high heat in a non-stick pan until it looks about like this:

Pour that over your nut mixture…

…and allow it to cool. Kinda pretty, yes?

Now wreck it. Scrape it up with a heavy scraper, not caring at all if it breaks…

…because all you’re going to do is put it into your food processor…

…and grind it to pieces.

This is the silly part I mentioned. Why go to the trouble of making something only to destroy it? I dunno, ask Fernand Point. Keep this in an airtight container for many days if need be.

If you want to take this all the way down to praline paste, that’s another equally viable way to go.

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