It’s that time again…

Kentucky Derby season! And this town is jumpin’. Take my derby picks with a grain of salt (cubical or flake, it’s really up to you), but I like Conveyance. That’s mostly because I find his generic, totally understated name hilarious. I half expect his jockey to be wearing silks with the olive drab stripes and black stencil fonts that were typical of late 70’s generic foods. I saw him at the track yesterday morning and he’s a mighty animal, shaded a very handsome dappled grey.

Last I checked, the odds on him were 9-1, which gives him a decent chance to win, especially in this year’s pack, which doesn’t have a clear favorite. Sure, there’s a lot of talk in the media about Lookin at Lucky, but in-the-know folks here in Louisville will tell you that this year’s Derby is completely up for grabs.

UPDATE: After leading over half the race, Conveyance faded like an old Polaroid to come in 15th out of 20. My record of losing picks remains unbroken.

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