The photos are flying furiously this week, but I wanted to interrupt for a moment to mention that last night I finally got around to a task I’ve been avoiding for years: clearing out my blog roll. For too long now I’ve added and added to it, rarely bothering to check for broken links or dilapidated sites. Well, last night it all came to a head during a brief conversation with the Pizza Goon, during which I caught myself offering up more excuses for not cleaning house. Well I just couldn’t stand my own BS any longer, so I stayed up late clicking and cutting. I discovered that a significant number of the sites on the blog roll weren’t even operating anymore (surprise, surprise) and nearly half the blogs that were up there hadn’t seen a fresh post in six months. So I cut them. This morning the roll is less than half of what it was, and I feel as though I just got a long overdue haircut. Whew!

As a side note I should add that if yours was one of the blogs or sites that was cut and you’d like me to put it back, send me an email, since I might have gotten carried away.

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