Heavy Mail Morning

I knew it would be. I knew there’d be plenty of criticism, but I was surprised at the number of food science types who wrote in to express their relief that somebody, somewhere was willing to engage in a pro-additive discussion. Seems In Praise of Chemicals has popped a cap on some pent up frustration. I don’t wonder why, given that in the current climate most food makers can’t really defend themselves against charges that they employ — gasp — science in their efforts to develop, produce and distribute products. Knowing food companies as I do, the vast majority would rather just ignore unfair criticism than risk engaging in a debate they can only lose. Better to just keep your head down and hope the whole thing blows over.

However this week I hope the blog will provide a podium for some of you folks to speak a bit. I have a small handful of additives that I wanted to write about, but I can’t cover everything (I only pretend to be a food scientist, remember). So if you have something you want to say about food science, say about a favorite misunderstood additive, or a general beef about the way food science is portrayed these days, please write in. I won’t name any names, products or companies, I’ll just put up the comment and that will be that.

So…food scientists and food science enthusiasts, this is your week! Consider the blog at your disposal. I look forward to your emails.

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