Do limousines also come from Limousin?

No, not really. However it’s said that the term “limousine” was inspired by the shepherds of the area. This doesn’t make terribly much sense to me. What I know is that the original limousine automobiles were designed like coaches, with the occupants in an enclosed chamber at the back and the driver in an open-air cockpit at the front. This cockpit was covered with a hood that kept the driver dry in the event of rain. What’s the connection? Supposedly the hood over the driver was in some way reminiscent of the hoods that the shepherds of Limousin wore in the fields. Seems very fishy to me, but then automotive history really isn’t my bag.

UPDATE: Reader Todd C. adds:

Limousine is is also a breed of beef cattle. Don’t know if it hails from France, but they are black, like Angus, but easier to deal with from a disposition standpoint.

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