Detour to Bourbon Country

Those of you who drop in daily may have noticed I didn’t do too much blogging on Friday. The reasons were twofold: 1) I had the day off and was feeling lazy, and; 2) I spent a good chunk of the afternoon attending a lecture on whiskey making. No, I’m not going to put up a tutorial on it. However I’ve been curious about the topic ever since I moved to Louisville, for as most of you folks know, Kentucky’s contribution to world whiskey culture is formidable. I’d always heard that bourbon was special stuff as tipples go, but I had never realized how unique it really is until this past Friday. I was fascinated, but then the lecture was given by one of the state’s preeminent bourbon “scholars”, if such a thing can be said to even exist. I took copious notes, and since I hate to let good, geeky information go to waste, thought I’d share them on the blog today. Forgive me, all you charlotte lovers out there, for interrupting the topic. All you bourbon lovers: today is your lucky day!

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