White Hell

There are very few disadvantages to living in Louisville, Kentucky, but snowfall is one of them. Not for me, personally, since I’m a northerner born and raised. It’s what it does to the city. People absolutely panic. The “get your staples!” cry goes up (from folks who seem to think they’ll be home-bound by two inches of snow) and the basics like milk, bread, eggs and butter vanish off store shelves.

Normally it’s much ado about nothing, but yesterday’s storm was a little different, coating everything in sight with ice, and weighing the trees down heavily. Shoveling the sidewalk this morning, I could hear the loud crack of tree limbs as they fell around the neighborhood. More than a few houses are without power, and in the case of Western Kentucky, entire regions. So, depending on how things go, posting may be light today.

I’ll try to mug a neighbor for the stuff I need to make my biscotti…hopefully tomorrow.

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