What are “raised” doughnuts then?

They’re doughnuts leavened with yeast. Think of them as sort of the America League of doughnuts. The National League is made up of cake doughnuts, which are leavened chemically, usually with baking powder.

The more interesting question is: what are raised doughnuts related to? If you’d like to test your baking mettle, have a look at the recipe below and see if you can figure out what it resembles. A sponge preferment. Lots and lots of yeast. A very, very long mixing time with soft butter added in stages at the end. Anyone? Anyone? Yes, you in the back with the powdered sugar mustache. Right: brioche.

Brioche, as you may recall, is a very eggy, buttery form of bread, commonly thought to be French. The word certainly is, but the item itself was probably invented by the Viennese, who were really into those types of decadent breads back when modern brioche first came onto the scene around 1800.

Surprised? Don’t be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to baking, all roads lead back to Vienna.

2 thoughts on “What are “raised” doughnuts then?”

  1. Hi joe! Im from Argentina.
    Because of covid -19 the airline I use to work is leaving the country and leave 2000 people without jobs.
    I m a huge fan of doughnuts. Because of my job y use to travel a lot to Us and went to artisanal doughnuts shop everywhere. Most of them make 24 hr brioche dough.
    I started making 24 hr brioche doughnuts and selling them from home, but i dont get the same results all the time. Same times they get smaller, sometimes they don’t raise enough…
    The recipe i got per kg flour is
    480 grams milk
    25 grams dry yeast
    2 eggs
    230 grams butter
    10 grams salt
    120 grams sugar
    After mixing I put it in the fridge over night.
    In the next morning y roll the dough ( 1,5 cm) let it rest 30’ and cut it. Doughnuts with hole y use a 3,5 inch cutter and for the doughnuts that I am going to fill 3 inch cutter. I see that comercial stores roll de dough and leave it in the fridge overnight. Because when they cut it you can see that the dough is very cold.
    Can you help me with the process? . I would love to make it Like the comercial stores does.
    As i told you I started cooking at home and if i can make some money i would love to open a little store in my town.
    Here french pastry is much popular than doughnuts. In Argentina there aren’t doughnut stores. But i know that it could be a great hit.
    Hope you read this comment and response me. Thanks

    1. Anything to help spread doughnuts around the globe, Ludovico!

      I would roll and cut the doughnuts as soon as they are out of the refrigerator, just to make sure you aren’t losing any rise. Otherwise, watch your temperatures closely. Doughnuts are extremely sensitive to temperature variations. A proofing box will help you achieve greater consistency with size and volume. I suggest that as a next step as you work on your processes.

      Good luck and feel free to ask me more questions.



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