What kind of tart are you making?

This one was a bit of a tough choice. So much so that I resolve that if I have time, I’ll make two tarts this week. Tarts, not being as thick as pies, are minimalist affairs by definition. So my temptation was to go with something very light filling-wise (so as to let the butter cookie-like flavor and texture of the crust shine through). However as I wrote below tarts are, at their very core, decorative. But then if you put too many toppings on a decorative tart, it isn’t minimalist anymore, and if it is minimalist, you can’t put on many toppings…you can see where I started to get confused here. In the end the side of me that enjoys shopping for carpets and window treatments won out: I decided to go decorative. Feed the words “classic” and “decorative” into the ol’ mental hopper and set the machine for “tart”, and after a lot of beeping and blinking lights, one answer spits out: pear tart.

So that’s what I’ll be up to first. A pear tart in the French style. All those opposed speak now before I get the oven heated up.

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