Water, water everywhere.

Reader Chana continues the conversation on Marie the Jewess (Miriam) and her connection to the bain marie:

In classic Jewish commentary, Moses’ sister Miriam is always associated with wells and water. (Although I doubt the classic Jewish commentators cooked anything, much less in a bain marie.) The bible says that after Miriam died, the people were without water. The commentary takes it several steps further and says that throughout the 40 years of wanderings in the desert, there was always a well of water because of Miriam. When Miriam died, the well dried up. (Luckily it was toward the end of the trip.) Miriam’s other claims to fame are checking up on Moses while he was hidden in the Nile (water, water), and “the song of the sea,” leading the Israelites in a song of praise to God after the splitting of the red sea when they all escaped Egypt. And now we can add the bain marie to her list of accomplishments!

Do I have the world’s most erudite readership or what? Great stuff, Chana — and thanks!

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