Waffles the Old-Fashioned Way

Thought it might be fun to end my Week O’ Waffles with a demonstration of how waffles have been made since just about forever. As it happens, cooking irons of the kind that have been used since classical times are still being made. Check it out:

Twenty bucks at any camping outfitter (if there’s a Bass Pro Shop anywhere near you, go there, if only for the fish tanks). This works in almost exactly the same way as the modern appliance. You start out by unhooking the hinge — very easy — and getting both sides hot. Not glowing, mind you, but about five minutes’ hot on the edge of your fire (here I’m using my brick oven).

Apply lubrication to both pieces of your (hopefully) well-seasoned waffle iron…

…add a scoop of batter (about 3/4 cup).

Slip the hinge back together, close the iron, and put the whole thing back by your fire.

Within about two minutes you’ll see (and feel) some expansion, a good sign that things are progressing smoothly.

Cook on the same side for about a minute more, then flip the device over and cook another three minutes or so. Begin checking for browning and doneness. Remove the finished waffle carefully from the iron. Eat!

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