Timing the Kentucky Knish to Your Schedule

The nice thing about these sorts of brioche pocket pies is that they keep well and don’t take much time to proof, only half an hour. Thus it’s easy to make a large quantity and bake them off as needed. Once they’re shaped, they can be refrigerated for a day or two, then simply removed from the fridge, allowed to proof, painted with egg wash and baked. Alternately the shaped pies can be frozen for two to three months. If you want them ready for, say, your kids’ lunches in the morning, just put a couple of frozen knishes on a baking sheet the afternoon or evening before and put the baking sheet in the fridge. By morning they will have thawed, and will be ready for proofing and baking. Assuming you get up at least an hour before the kids leave on the bus, you can get them proofed and baked off with ease, then congratulate yourself as you watch your children walk out the door with a fresh-baked lunch. Ha! Top THAT Dinkelberg! you can say to yourself as you watch your neighbor’s kid traipse forlornly out the house with his usual peanut butter sandwich. Already-baked knishes will keep well enough in the refrigerator for the next day’s lunch, but don’t provide the same kind of smug satisfaction.

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