The simple glazed doughnut

This is my favorite way to enjoy a cake doughnut, without any fancy flavors, just a good honest scratch doughnut glazed with a thin coat of icing. As you might expect, it’s a very easy thing to do. Just combine:

8 ounces powdered sugar
2 tablespoon plus two teaspoons water or milk
a few drop of vanilla extract

Stir until your icing is smooth:

Dip your slightly warm or cooled doughnut…

…and quickly remove it to a wire rack where the icing will drip down the sides and harden.

Now where did I put that cup of coffee?

2 thoughts on “The simple glazed doughnut”

  1. Hi , the presentation of donuts is very good.Please let me know how to get the proof line(white line surrounding the donut) in yeast raised donuts.I am doing research in donut making from past few months.I have not been able to identify the secret behind this proof line.Please assist.

    1. Hello Priya!

      There is no secret to that pale line around the middle. It happens as the doughnut fries. During frying, yeast doughnuts expand. That expansion causes the middle of the doughnut to rise out of the oil, so that area spends less time cooking, and less time browning. That’s why there’s a pale stripe around the middle. Hope that helps!


      – Joe

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