Speaking of New York…

The missus never goes anywhere without noticing sweet things to eat. It’s one of the reasons I married her. In addition to last week’s knishes, she snapped a few pix of some interesting baking action in Manhattan. The first one isn’t new, but it’s one of my must-eats whenever I get back to New York: mini-cannoli at Veniero’s in the East Village. I’d whack my own brudder (if I had a brudder) for a handful of those right now!

And of course New York is on fire for cupcakes these days. It has been ever since Sex in the City made the Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street more famous than even they wanted, probably. Cupcake mania has spread to many other spots since Sarah Jessica Parker and Co. started perching on the Magnolia’s front bench. This place, Crumbs, has gotten quite a bit of attention for their cupcakes, and it’s easy to see why. Those things are loaded!

Leave it to the missus to stop passersby and ask for photos of the foods they’re carrying. These cupcakes are from a hot “dessert club” called ChickaLiscious. Only in New York.

Last we have an example of something that might best be termed “guerrilla baking.” This is Scott Alexander, a musician from Brooklyn who is gaining notoriety for sitting on a green inflatable couch in places like Central Park and Union Square and handing out his own homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Why? To promote his music? Sort of, but mostly he says to make new friends. The way he sees it, friends make a great audience, so why not build an audience by making as many friends as possible? It’s so crazy it just might work! Go Scott! Follow him (“Free Cookies NYC”) on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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