Request #9: Waffles

It’s been a month at least since I tackled anything on my request list (which is getting longer all the time), so I’d better get back down to business. This week we’ll be discussing a very interesting subject indeed, one rich in historical significance (not to mention sugar and butter): waffles. Are waffles really pastry? Well may you well ask. Technically I’d have to say no, though there’s no disputing that they are in fact cakes, and as such deserve a place here on Plus, who doesn’t love a good waffle? Offhand, I can’t think of anyone.

Waffles come in two basic types, the chemically- and/or mechanically-leavened American waffle, and the yeast-raised Belgian waffle (I’ll do my best to make both this week if I can). True, there are others. The heart-shaped Scandinavian waffle and cookie-like Dutch stroopwaffle leap to mind, there are even “Hong Kong” waffles if you really want to get down to it. Most of these, though, are simply stylistic offshoots of the Big Two waffles…at least in my opinion.

So let’s get after it, shall we? I could use a little breakfast.

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